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The Startup Marketing dilemma.



Bridge the gap between over-compensated consultants and affordable, under-experienced marketers. For a fraction of the cost of hiring, you can work with a curated team of fractional pros. Each with the skills you need to affordably scale your business.

No overhead,
just heads.

Creatives solving communication

pros make it easy 

Strategists solving

For Startups

Real World Experience

Our talent team is constantly finding and recruiting the best marketers. We look for fantastic experience, proven skills, and excellent communication.

Total Transparency

No ambiguous, long term contract. We build marketing capabilities with creative, media and data working together. You get the right people for your specific needs. Hassle-free. 

Fast Onboarding 

We’ll build your marketing team in days and can be ready to present a GTM strategy that meets your budget and timing in weeks, not months. 

Curated from the world's best agencies, startups and brands. 

Marketing & Brand Strategy

  • Marketing  & Business Strategy

  • Branding & Design

  • Creative Direction

  • Audience Insights

  • Campaign ideation and execution

  • Customer Journey mapping & strategy

"Dave is fantastic to work with and I highly recommend him. He can take an idea and help turn it into a reality by focussing and inspiring a creative team with wit, charm and insight. He instinctively knows how to uncover a story and realize the promise of a brand creatively."

D. Hollandar, Founder & CEO



Marketing & Media Strategy

  • Marketing  & Business Strategy

  • Media Strategy

  • Performance Media

  • Campaign ideation and execution

  • Customer Journey mapping & strategy

  • Email Marketing

"Rachel is a highly experienced online marketing strategist who brings years of experience working for Fortune 500 brands on both the client and agency side. She is super-dedicated and takes pride in her in-depth knowledge of the online industry as well as client details."

A. Garland

Entrepreneur & Speaker


Marketing & Business Strategy

  • Digital transformation & business planning

  • Marketing strategy

  • Brand positioning and development

  • Campaign ideation and execution

  • Customer Journey mapping & strategy

  • Funnel analysis, ROI projections and business case development


"Todd has an unorthodox super power. Without much effort at all, he can visualize and connect the complex web of dots between business objectives, marketing strategy and creative concepts. For a creative director, that's more impressive than invincibility or flight."

C. Ayres, Creative Director



Analytics & Integrations

  • Google Analytics

  • Google Tag Manager

  • GA4 & Google Data Studio

  • Shopify, Wordpress Integrations 

  • Tableau

  • Power BI dashboards

"Highly recommend Ateeq to anyone looking for insights related to Google Analytics and Tag Management. We had a tricky, non-trivial issue. Ateeq not only provided a solution quickly, but was a real pleasure to work with. Extremely kind and generous mind at work."

H. John  Managing Director 

Fermat Ventures

I was fortunate enough to work with Dave and team for almost 3 years. He is an extremely competent and passionate creative leader. We partnered together numerous times and he is an Account person’s dream creative. It was a great experience to work side by side with him; he made me a stronger Account lead.


Carrie Dernar

Vice President, Customer Experience & Engagement at Benefytt


Dave is a rare breed of mastered creatives. He has an outstanding command of both creative and strategy. From digital to TV and everything in between he has skillfully and artfully created success campaigns, whether it has been for overarching brand awareness to the launch of entertainment properties. Additionally, Dave manages with a great sense of autonomy for his team. Top notch all the way. 


Val Aveni

Vice President, Social Media and Brand Strategy at MGM




If you’re looking for a resourceful, creative, and solution-oriented person—look no further. Dave effectively led a two-office West coast presence of the agency, expertly juggling a multitude of projects and successfully taking them to completion. He’s been an inspiring team leader...


Ramona Dragnea

Managing Partner at IMRepublic, Inc

It was a pleasure having Dave as the Piston ECD. He is a no-ego, hard-working, pragmatic, collaborative team member. Dave combines multiple multiple key attributes: great with clients, great managing his own team and great collaborating with his peers.


John Hartman

Award Winning Marketing & Technology Executive



Don Draper and Jim Morrison walk into a bar. The cocktail the bartender makes in honor of both of them is called "a David Schafer". You know the best concert you've ever been to but can't figure out how to describe it to your friends? That's called a David Schafer…


Jessica D'Elena-Tweed

Faculty of Visual Arts, UC San Diego



Grow Bettr and Smartr, Fastr.

  • Develop your core marketing channels

  • Growth hack marketing into your product

  • Increase sign-ups with conversion optimization

  • Segmentation to uncover your perfect audience 

  • Create a customer feedback loop for insights

  • Find and target early adopters itching for change

  • Fine tune your messaging with pro copywriters

  • Connect, launch and expand email automation 

  • Design for visual differentiation, stand out

  • Get found and advertise on Google

  • Remarket at a lower cost to all site visitors 

  • Use Linkedin to convert high value conversions

  • Create video pre roll, get found on Youtube

  • Create targeted, stand-out content

  • Get famous by doing something remarkable

  • Find and engage influencers

  • Improve your SEO

  • Build a blog that converts

Expand your marketing capabilities from the neck up.

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