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B2B Brand & Demand Teams: Tired of presenting mediocre campaign results? Here's a better, smarter approach to B2B you haven't tried. 

Live Q & A: Create career-defining campaigns that unite brand, content & sales teams around B2B buyer needs.


Monday, May 8 - 9 AM PST

Find out what they think: How to use buyer pain points to understand what’s really on their minds. 


Give ‘em what they need: How to orchestrate B2B campaigns that will use emotion to drive pipeline revenue.


Make sure they feel you: How to activate the journey, not just channels, so their brains light up.

Gangbustrs BrandStory framework helps B2B teams understand how to help buyers buy at each stage of their journey. 

"Dave is a rare breed of mastered creative. He has an outstanding command of both creative and strategy from digital to TV and everything in between."

Val Aveni

Vice President, Social Media and Brand Strategy at MGM

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