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We help ambitious B2B marketers harness the power of the buyer's mindset to build brands and grow pipeline revenue. We do it by cultivating stronger emotional connections with your buyers. Emotion drives action. Emotion motivates your customers to choose you. Solving emotional pain is the only path to pipeline revenue. 

  • B2B Brand Strategy to Unlock Growth
    60% of B2B CMOs cited developing a brand strategy as one of their top challenges. The heart of brand strategy is about defining the way your entire company behaves toward customers, so it must align to your business strategy. Our process marries your brand purpose with buyer insights to spark the thoughts and emotions within them that lead to a decision. In a world of complex strategies and jargon, our process is refeshingly inuitive. Give the people what they want, and results will follow. Brand alignment (to buyer needs) Buyer needs & expectations research Brand strategy and architecture Competitor analysis Positioning BrandStory Workshops Brand Narrative Brand Identity Architecture
  • Campaigns That Turn Insights Into Revenue
    70% of executives express low confidence in their ability to translate strategy into action. Sometimes marketing plans don’t measure up or become to difficult to execute. Gangbsutrs has the hands-on experience to seamlessly infuse C-suite priorities and customer insights into brand campaigns that drive revenue. We get the job done by combining strategic understanding with the ability to execute high level campaigns. Full-Funnel campaigns Content strategy Content creation Web & LPs Account-based marketing (ABM) Nurture & email program design Strategic Workshops We also develop integrated, multi-touch strategies working closely with media, nurture channels and sales partners. Campaign planning Account-based marketing (ABM) Account list prioritization and selection Nurture & email program design
  • Media Orchestration for More Predictable Pipeline
    Pipeline generation has many roadblocks, from poor branding and lack of customer understanding to internal siloes and misaligned data. Our process eliminates typical issues by aligning media with creative to build and optimize a media strategy that reflects changing journeys, channels and campaign content. The result is well orchestrated performance media. Gangbustrs works with several amazing media partners to build a robust demand-generation process based on your needs. Media Strategy ABM Campaign Orchestration Programmatic Search Social
  • Provide Clear Visibility Into the Buyer's Journey
    41% of marketing heads rate lack of clear visibility into the buyer journey as one of the greatest B2B marketing pain points for the team. The journey is non-linear, long, complex and difficult to track, with marketers often missing the most important conversion opportunities. We help you map out the journey to identify the buyer mindset that will drive a decision at every stage. Audience personas Buyer journey mapping Segmentation Ideal account profiling (ICP) Target account identification Executive workshops
  • Content to Improve the Buyer's Journey
    Design and deliver engaging and relevant full-funnel experiences that propel buyers through their journey. Creative concepting Copy and content Web, UX/UI, Dev Campaign activation Paid & Social Campaigns

Renovate America - Launch & Scale a Fintech Unicorn: GTM / Strategy /Brand / Content / Campaigns 

"Dave & team are no-ego, hard-working, pragmatic and collaborative. Amazing!"

J. Hartman, Entrepreneur & Tech Exec 

"Turns ideas into reality with inspiring wit, charm and insight."

D. Hollander, Serial Entrepreneur / CMO Renovate America

Lewis Communications Agency Rebrand:  Brand / Positioning / Strategy / Design / Web


​"We help B2B brands behave the way buyer's expect. It's a win-win for buyer's & revenue growth."

- David Schafer Gangbustrs

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