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Buyers Are The Heroes of Your Story.

They are motivated by internal needs and desires. Showing you understand buyer’s makes your brand relevant and interesting. 

Buyers Want Self-Service Help, at first.

Sales pitches are not help. Help is free, relevant and useful content. Buyer’s, and Google, are looking for category leaders.

Eventually, Buyers Need A guide.

Be clear about your purpose and how you help. Give away something of real value to earn trust. 

Your Brand Must Prove Worthy

Show you understand buyers at each stage of their journey. Buyer’s want to know you have a solution to their problem.

Success is Always Shared

The Buyer is the hero because they completed the Hero's Journey. Celebrate their new abilities with your product!

Learn how buyers want you to behave at each stage of their journey.

Top-of-mind awareness increases the likelihood of buyer's choosing you.

With so many alternatives, buyers prefer not to sift through countless options. Top-of-mind awareness is crucial as many buyers may not be actively seeking a purchase at present but will be in the near future. Only 5% of B2B buyers are currently in-market for a purchase. The remaining 95% of your target audience may be out-of-market right now, but they are your future customers - your source for growth.

A woman listening attentively, holding her hand to her ear.

Most buyers are not yet in market yet, but they education. 

People are naturally inclined to learn and expand their knowledge. When your content educates and enlightens readers, they will associate these ideas with your brand. By delivering informative and educational content, you not only provide value to your audience but also solidify your brand's position in their minds, ensuring top-of-mind awareness.

A person holding a light bulb, ready to illuminate ideas and inspire creativity.

A steady stream of future customers.

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David Schafer, Founder of Gangbustrs

“We help you develop buyer-centric content and process to grow faster. ”


David Schafer

CEPs "teach" buyer's brains to recognize your brand.

Brand recall is a learned activity, requiring 6-12 brand impressions. Interestingly, it also takes 6 to 7 repetitions to learn a new word. Marketing and branding share this similarity. To cultivate a learned behavior, people need exposure to the same CEP 6 to 7 times.

Once Category Entry Point are learned, your brand becomes top of mind.

Describe the product here. Include important features, pricing and other relevant info. Consider adding an image or video of the product.

Category Entry Points: How brands connect with future buyers.


Align your brand behavior to buyer needs


Build memorable campaign assets around CEPs


Activate full-funnel campaigns aligned to revenue


Research and establish new category entry points

Full-funnel campaigns create more meaning & emotion for buyers. 

Full-funnel campaigns create more meaning & emotion for buyers.


Brands can improve their visibility and connect with potential buyers by appearing on relevant search results.  This can be achieved by linking new category-entry points (CEPs) to their brands or investing in pay-per-click (PPC) advertising to capture buyers who initially searched with different CEPs. The organic search results reflect how well a brand is connected to specific CEPs. Category leaders typically own the category-generic CEPs and search terms, which attract the majority of casual buyers.

CEPs & Social

Social media is a powerful channel to win new category entry points. Brands engage with potential buyers, tell stories, and educate them on the brand's benefits. To establish a strong customer engagement plan (CEP), brands need followers who willingly opt-in to hear their message. However, organic reach on social media is limited. Brands with large followings or highly differentiated offerings succeed organically, while others invest in paid social to amplify their CEP-building stories.

CEPs & Digital Ads

In online purchase paths, your CEP-focused messaging leads your website. It's crucial to leverage the attention of website visitors to expand on existing CEPs or establish new ones. Branded and direct traffic indicate the effectiveness of your CEPs, while a high volume of traffic and consistent use of the website contribute to the long-term establishment of new CEPs. To increase the chances of new CEPs sticking, invest in retargeting ads to remind buyers of your brand's relevance and offerings.

How to Apply CEPs.

Greater insight.

Fix your message.

Grow your company.

Start here.

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