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Media Channel Identification

Updated: Jan 31

Use search and your Ideal Customer Profile to uncover the best channel mix.

Let’s start with the obvious: search. Search lets you capture existing demand as well as any future demand you generate through media. It’s relatively low-hanging fruit, as long as you’ve got a good strategy and budget.

Search should be center stage as part of any full-funnel integrated ABM campaign because of the inherent value in the data. Leverage campaign & intent keyword information to align with key pain points that are being researched by prospects. You can also add in learnings from past campaigns. The more you put in, the smarter your media campaigns become.

After search, you’ll need to narrow down your target account channels using your Ideal Customer Profiles (ICP)

• Account topic analysis

• Competitive analysis

• Account clusters

• ICP data points

• Account targeting capability

• Media efficiency and efficacy

• Channel targeting capabilities and limitations

• Channel technical and data integrations

• Historical performance

• Predictive capabilities

You must break through the competitive noise, but also ensure front-end efficiency, by cutting waste from broad-reach tactics. When looking at publisher placements, account targeting capability is a must-have. That why we love LinkedIn.

Big media hint: Use LinkedIn. 4 out of 5 people on LinkedIn “drive business decisions.”

Just as important as understanding what characteristics make up a great ideal customer, it’s also important to jot down those characteristics that make up a less than ideal customer! Your ICP isn’t just about putting butts in the seats – it’s about putting the right butts in the seats.

The end result is an agreed upon set of criteria that defines your ICP and prioritizes customers based on their potential for LTV.


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